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Girl, Put Your Records On

record store

My father was very similar to me in that he had an endless fascination with technology and the “new”. There was one Christmas, probably around 1990 or so, that he and my mother bought a six-CD changer to accompany the record player and dual cassette recorder we had in our living room. In those days, a CD changer like that was a crazy thing to have, but that was my dad. He was a total gadget guy, and though not extravagant with anything else in life, he always wanted the newest technology.

Like me, he was also really into pop culture. The first CD he ever bought, even before the six-CD changer? Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl. I remember going with him into a record store (like, a REAL record store) and buying the CD. Compact Discs had their own tiny little section along one wall, and they were all propped up on shelves, because back then, CDs came packaged in thin boxes that were about a foot long (anyone else remember that??).


We shared a love of VH1, cartoons, and computer games, but the one thing we didn’t share a love of is what I used to call his “oldie music”. We would be driving around town and he would switch from the pop station to the “oldies” station on the radio, quieting any complaints I raised. “This is the music I grew up with,” he’d tell me, “One day you’ll understand.” I’d harumph and tell him that I never would. I think my famous last words were something along the lines of, “I won’t have to, because MY music will always be cool!”

Suffices to say, these days, I totally understand. Now if I happen to hear an oldies station in a cab, they’re always playing 90s music, and I adore it and don’t want them to switch stations. Anyone who ever comes to my house (or goes karaoke-ing with me) will soon learn that I have an undying love for 90s music. I think it’s a product of being an only child, and spending a lot of time alone in my room as a kid and teenager. My life revolved around my stereo system. Before music could be downloaded, I’d sit by the stereo for hours on the weekends making cassette mix tapes. Then, I’d spend just as many hours laying on my waterbed (yes, you read that right) and memorizing their lyrics. Once things like WinAmp existed (OMG, does anyone remember that?), I’d spend just as many hours downloading songs, organizing playlists, and then burning them onto CDs. Sans the waterbed, in case you’re wondering.


The trend continues today. I’ll catch up on current music every now and again, but my favorite songs (and playlists) are still ones that are firmly rooted in the 20th century. It always cracks me up to share these types of playlists when I’m entertaining, because inevitably a song comes on that friends haven’t heard in years — and it instantly takes them back. A song like “Semi-Charmed Life” can play, and while most people can sing the chorus and stumble through other parts, who has two thumbs and can sing every last word? This girl. Trust me when I say, you want me on your karaoke team. I mean, the first concert I ever attended was Montell Jordan. Who was the opening act for TLC. Who was the opening act for Boyz II Men. Do you see where I’m going with this?

vintage records

Today I wanted to share a playlist of some of my absolute, all-time favorite, never-gonna-get-sick-of-’em songs from the 90s. If you can clearly remember cassette tapes existing in your childhood, I promise, you’ll find a tune here that’ll leave you longing for your old Walkman. There are classics below, to be sure (y’all, is it just me, or does “Hand in My Pocket” totally hold up?), and a few tracks that run so deep, you might not even remember them (be honest, when is the last time you even thought about the song “Candy Rain”?). Enjoy, and tell me – what 90s song would you add to the list?

Images: Record Store: Wish Wish Wish , check out Carrie’s blog here; Loudness: Orin Zebest; Record Stack: Knar Bedian; Vintage Records: Thomas

Full disclosure: This is a sponspored post, and compensation was provided by Spotify via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Spotify.

I’m Loving…

It’s rare that I’ll completely splurge on things for myself and for my closet, but there have been a few items that found their way to my front doorstep recently and a bunch of others that are serious contenders (and I think you’ll love them too). I’ve long been a big fan of Diptyque’s Do Son perfume, but had never pulled the trigger on buying a bottle for myself. Browsing around the other day, I realized their solid perfume version was the perfect thing — same lovely scent, but in a chic, portable package. I’ve actually been leaving this on our entry table and throwing it into my bag as needed, so I can apply on my way out the door or on the go. I love it! But not to be outdone, Byredo makes a beautiful collection of candles and perfumes, and I’m dying to check out the latest release: Flowerhead. I mean, read the description here…how can one not be intrigued?

I mentioned last week about the slow transitioning to lots and lots of silk shirts. Equipment has long been a favorite, but honestly, lately Everlane is killing it and has become my go to source for affordable silk tops. The quality is great, the fit as good as Equipment, and the price can’t be beat. Still, Equipment is fantastic for fun takes on silk tops, like this.

Another recent splurge were these Lita sandals from Loeffler Randall. Their entire spring collection of shoes and bags is well worth lusting over (cute, cute, and cute). I’m totally crushing on these adorable citrus inspired shoes (and they come in a flat version too)!

Finally, while I love my basic gold iPhone case from J.Crew, I couldn’t help but be charmed by these two. Pineapples are always so cheerful and happy (and did you know they’re also a symbol of welcome and hospitality?), and this Kate Spade odometer case reminds me of cruising around in a Mini Cooper…preferably somewhere in the Mediterranean.

What are you loving lately?


Career Chat: Joanna Reynolds Design

career chat with joanna reynolds

j crew x sugar paper

I’m pretty stoked to share today’s Career Chat (formerly known as: Style to Inspire) interview with you guys! Whether or not you know her name, I guarantee you know her work: designer Joanna Reynolds is one of the contributing creative forces behind many of Sugar Paper’s beautiful cards, prints and collaborations with mega brands like Goop and J.Crew. I’ve known Joanna for some time — we went to college together! — but funnily enough, have only recently re-connected with her when our worlds sort of collided. I was thrilled to learn about what other ventures she has going on besides working as a freelancer for Sugar Paper (see: new textiles collection, and a growing costume design business). Today, I wanted to get the scoop on what it’s like to manage so many different types of creative ventures, and of course, how she got into the lettering and illustration business to begin with. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started in lettering and type development? Did you always think your career would go in that specific direction?

Lettering is something I started doing relatively recently; I studied fine art at USC and developed my illustration skills while studying fashion design at FIDM. My mom is an artist and one of those people who can make absolutely anything, so my childhood included an amazing mix of art history lessons, fine art, and every craft project you can think of. I’ve always known that I wanted to work in a creative field, I just wasn’t sure which.

About two years into working at Sugar Paper as the Custom + Production Manager (a job I got because of my art/craft background) an order came through for a stationery set with a bespoke monogram. We didn’t have a specific illustrator lined up for the work, so I asked the principal designer, Erika Finney, if I could have a go at it. She didn’t hesitate for a second in saying yes, which I will be forever grateful for – that monogram was the start of more lettering opportunities with the company, and having the support of Erika and the company’s two founders, Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker, gave me the confidence to eventually take the leap and become a designer full-time.


What are your favorite types of projects to work on at Sugar Paper?

Every project that I do with Sugar Paper is different – the inspiration is always something fresh, the end use is often varied, and the development process is a great, creative back and forth that often inspires other new projects. I get to mess around with chalk and paint, play with calligraphy, and build more traditional style lettering with carefully measured lines and curves. One of my favorite things about working with the girls on the Sugar Paper collaborations with Goop and J.Crew was that we did 4 or 5 completely different styles of lettering for the various products. I really love the variety of work that I get to do, as projects never feel old or boring.

So are you still working with Sugar Paper now? I feel like I’m still seeing that gorgeous lettering of yours pop up in new products!

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