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Real Life: 30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

photo by jo lewis

We’re closing in on the big 3-0, you guys. Earlier this week, I was thinking about the last time I had a new-decade birthday — you know, back when I turned 20. What a crazy ride the last 10 years has been. Growing up, you always hear about how much growth occurs between 20 and 30 and it’s sort of in one ear and out the other. But it IS pretty incredible to reflect back on the last decade of my life and marvel at how much has happened and changed. I was thinking about all the things I’d tell my 20 year old self — or a little sister, if I had one — and as I jotted down a few nuggets of wisdom, the idea for this post came into play. And then, as I determined what graphics I should add, a highly amusing personal yearbook emerged too. Yes, that’s right, after the jump are 10 photos of me over the last 10 years. From a gal who can barely get an outfit post up but every few months, no less (ahead: a blogger in her natural environment). The biggest takeaway from 30 years on this weird and wonderful planet? Be present and enjoy the now. That’s an important one. And here are 30 other things I’ve learned:  Read more »

Recipe: Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw

fish taco recipe (with cilantro lime slaw)

fish tacos with cilantro lime slaw

I’m pretty sure that tacos are the answer to all of life’s problems. They’re certainly the easiest answer to “What’s something easy we can make for dinner?” You can load ‘em up with cheese and sour cream and guacamole (or as we call ‘em in this house, “supreme style”), or go a healthier route and make them with grilled chicken, seafood, and a citrusy slaw. The latter option is one we turn to regularly when we want all the satisfaction of Mexican food at home, but none of the guilt of ordering takeout enchiladas. I’ve made lots of varieties of these fish tacos with fresh cilantro lime slaw, but I’d never written down what I did, and figured it was high time to add this one to my official recipe box.

I mention this at the end of the recipe, but I really love this particular recipe with shrimp. It’s not always Joe’s fave though, so recently for dinner, we swapped in a cod filet and it was just as good. If you’re new to cooking with fish, for something like this taco dish, you want a fish that will hold up well as you cook it — if it’s too flaky and fine, it’ll all just fall apart in the pan. A thick cut filet of cod or mahi mahi is great; if you can get a good deal on it, snapper or halibut will be delicious too!

I’m a huge fan of adding a final dollop of sour cream on these (sometimes I’ll thin sour cream out with a little milk or cream, add a bit of lime zest in it, and presto, you’ve got a “lime crema” that you can drizzle over the top). The only reason you don’t see it here is the other night, when I popped open a container of sour cream we had on hand, it had molded over. #FridgeCleanoutFail. Even without it though, these tacos are delicious and satisfying (and pretty guilt free, in my opinion!). Here’s how to make ‘em: Read more »

The Word

all we can do is the best we can do - quote

I love this quote from the book 10% Happier, which I mentioned reading back over here (yes, yes, another quote from it. This should tell you something!). I’m nearly finished with it, and have done a ton of book “highlighting” in my Kindle. Funnily enough, this quote was used in a political context by its speaker, but I thought it especially apt for pretty much every circumstance in life — and it’s a great thought to carry with us into the work week ahead. I’ve really enjoyed the book and am going to chat more about it soon, I promise!

Meanwhile, the quote felt especially apt today, because while I had a laid back, low key weekend, for a lot of it I wasn’t feeling too hot. We spent part of the afternoon on Saturday at Joe’s nephew’s 3rd birthday party, and I’m thinking that we both picked up a bug from one (or all?) of the kiddos, especially since we’re never around little ones. The good news? It meant we did absolutely nothing yesterday except eat chicken soup and watch a weird assortment of movies about surfing (don’t ask). The bad news? There is none. Even with a virus, the lounging was pretty spectacular. Hoping with good eating and lots of rest this week, I’ll be ready for 30th birthday celebrations this coming weekend. Bring on my last week as a 20 something!

What do you have in store this week?

Image created by Victoria McGinley