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Red Carpet Picks

Did you get to watch the Emmy’s last night? I was in a car, on the way home from LA while they were going on, so I didn’t get to see anything live. Nevertheless, I always love browsing the photo galleries afterwards to see what people were wearing down the red carpet!

[Aside: Circa 2003, I attended the Emmy's red carpet as one of those crazy, screaming fans in the bleachers. I was even randomly interviewed for one of those crazy-fan-in-the-bleachers pre-show quiz things. I think the answer to my particular question was "Survivor" (which I was fed before the segment shot). If you're ever in LA and have an entire day to kill, this is a fun way to do it. You'll get tons of autographs, and you see all the fashion first hand!]

Here are some of the looks I was loving:

Eva Longoria-Parker. Classic and stunning as always.

I LOVED this simple, nude-hued dress worn by Claire Danes. I think it has just enough pizzazz, fits her perfectly, and wonderfully compliments her tan and summery hair. The perfect dress for the Emmy’s.

Julie Benz looked great too. But I can’t even talk about the season finale of Dexter yet. And don’t mention it to Joe either, he was depressed for a week after he saw it.

Some people will probably think it’s too plain, but I thought this was a good dress for Edie Falco. Not too crazy. Subtle. And she looked radiant. I miss The Sopranos.

If J.Crew were to design a red carpet dress, this would be it. Heather Morris wears it well.

Elizabeth Moss looked fantastic in this grey dress! Sometimes it’s so funny to see stars looking current on the red carpet, when you’re used to seeing them in period dress. That it is almost jarring to see her like this here is a credit to her acting skills on Mad Men! By the way, did you guys see last night’s episode? She was hilarious.

Jon Hamm and his longtime lady friend Jennifer Westfeldt. We do all agree that she’s the luckiest woman in Hollywood, yes? Although I’m not digging Don Draper’s hair in this shot.

Some looks I’m just not sure about:

Jenna Fischer. Her hair and makeup were lovely, and the color and shape of this dress is fantastic. But the detailing! I don’t know if I can get past it.

Jennifer Carpenter. Again, SO different than when you see her on Dexter. I think I could easily get behind the dress if it weren’t for the one long sleeve. A simple one shouldered strapless would’ve been better — albeit safer.

Christina Hendricks. The woman’s curves are part of what made her famous — but I just don’t know how I feel about this dress. The color…the little detailing…ehh. I dunno. I do like all the ruching throughout the torso, which accentuates her figure well. It’s just meh all around.

I LOVE this hot little black number from Heidi Klum. Maybe it’s just the photo here, but does her hair look a little…weird? She probably looked fantastic in real life (I mean, the woman could wear a potato sack and make it avant garde and fabulous). She just looks kind of…intense. Maybe softer waves would’ve toned the overall look down a little?

Some looks I’m pretty sure I hate:

Now look, I have crazy, long wavy hair too. But if I were invited to the Emmy’s, I would wake my ass up and go see a hairdresser to do something about it. Padma’s dress is somewhat boring (and the jewelry, in my opinion, all wrong for it), but THAT HAIR. The overall effect is just so messy and un-put together, especially for this kind of event.

Much time has already been spent by fashion writers far more qualified than I disparaging January Jones’ dress. So that’s all I’ll say about it. I mean, the thing really does speak for itself.

If you’re attending a garden wedding party or are on vacation in Hawai’i and going out to a nice dinner, Kerri Russell looks lovely. For the Emmy’s, this was way too casual in my opinion.

And because she’s just too darned cute for words:

Oh Betty White! You go on with yourself, girlfriend.

3 responses to “Red Carpet Picks”

  1. susannah, on August 30, 2010 at 9:57 am said:

    i agree with most of these. but i actually really like jennifer carpenter’s. maybe it would look better with no sleeve, but the dress fits perfectly, and i just love all the sequins.

    i don’t like january jones dress either, but i can’t get over the color – it is gorgeous! too bad the dress is not so gorgeous.

  2. susannah, on August 30, 2010 at 11:25 am said:

    Also, on second thought – I love Keri Russell’s look. I think it’s fine to not be as formal, and she looks gorgeous. I am also very meh on Christina Hendricks’ dress & Heidi Klum’s whole look.

  3. vmacandcheese, on August 30, 2010 at 11:51 am said:

    I know the Emmy’s aren’t the most formal of affairs, but I guess I just think it’s fun to take the opportunity/excuse to dress up and do something glamorous. Of course, these people probably have to get done up all the time and are pretty sick of it.

    Jennifer Carpenter’s dress is perfectly tailored to her for sure. I don’t hate it — I agree, the sequins are amazing. Lots of sequins on the red carpet this year! Maybe everyone’s been looking at J.Crew catalogs.


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