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The White Plate Rule: A New Approach to Getting Dressed

the white plate rule

This is an essay about a very small way I’m trying to simplify my life. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to it.

I cleaned out my closet recently for the first time in a really, really long time. And when I say “cleaned out” I mean cleaned out. Those random sweaters I’ve been holding onto for years “just in case”? Gone. Blouses that still fit and are on trend, but that I can’t envision myself ever wearing again? Kaput. After paring down my closet, I not only had a sizable donation pile (getting people to come take your donations in NY is another matter), but my closet also had something it hadn’t seen in a very long while: space. I could literally push clothes around and take things out without getting into a wrestling match with the hangers. It felt luxurious.

But what I really wanted to talk about was what led to this purge. Read more »

The Brass Menagerie

brass menagerie - brass animal objects

Happy Monday! This weekend the weather didn’t let any New Yorkers down — it was sunny, warm and all around spectacular. We finished planting the rest of our little terrace garden, and I’m the proud new owner of a rose bush, a tiny lavender bush, and tons and TONS of herbs. On Saturday I sat outside all afternoon with Julia drinking (too much) rosé; Sunday was more of the same (but with agua). Truly a lazy, relaxing weekend. When’s the next three day weekend again???

On to today’s exhibit. Ooh, what a zoo. I recently bookmarked a couple little brass animals that I thought were particularly adorable (this funny little shrimp included), which sent me down a path to see what other species I could collect. Before I knew it, there was a veritable menagerie. Of course, brass anything is all the rage (again) these days, but I love that when it comes to finding decorative objects like this, you can truly discover tons of vintage treasures out there — many of which will tell a personal story (as soon as I see a true brass vintage Frenchie, I’m buyin’ it). Enjoy observing the animals above (but please, don’t stand too close).

Do you keep an eye out for little brass animals like this? What would be your perfect brass “spirit animal”?

Peacock | Giraffes | Rabbit Knob | Dove | Ibex | Fish OpenerMini Schnauzer | Elephant Candlestick | Pigs | Shrimp


rue magazine october november 2012

PSA PASSWORD ALERT: So not a fun link, but a necessary one. You might want to change your password on these sites.

CLASSY CUBICLE: Mackenzie linked to this blog the other day, and it’s a fantastic source for workwear outfit inspiration!

HONEY, I’M MOVING TO MARS: I heard about this essay written by a Texas gent who’s wife has signed up to go to Mars. No, really. I found the essay and the discussion it started really interesting.

JENNA’S OLD TOWNHOUSE, REBORN: Remember Jenna Lyons’ famed Brooklyn townhouse, as featured in Domino (who doesn’t, right?)? Well, the new owners have made some updates. She’s still a beaut. Although, her original closet will never be topped.

GET IN MY BELLY: I have a deep, undying love for chilaquiles, and this recipe looks like it would be no exception. Pin this one for a Cinco de Mayo breakfast party next month (because yes, such a thing should totally exist).

REQUISITE SALE ALERTS: Anthro is having a sale on their beautiful dinnerware (great if you need to stock up on any entertaining pieces before summer). Club Monaco is offering an extra 50% off clearance items with the code SPRING50 (somebody buy this coat — it’s only $120!!). And of course, J.Crew is also offering an extra 50% off sale items with the code FRESHSALE (I’m eyeing these beautiful woven loafers).

WORDPRESS TIPS FOR ALL: Lisa is launching an amazing book all about WordPress — Make WP Work. We’re going to eventually offer it through The B Bar as well, but if you hop to it now, she’s offering a special discount code! I’ve seen the whole thing and trust — if you use WordPress as a blogger or business person, this book is ridiculously helpful.

SALAD WEATHER: Here’s something fresh and light for your weekend: a salmon salad with cilantro and lime.

SILICON VALLEY: Are you watching this new HBO show? We laughed out loud all the way through the first episode! I’m eager to see where the series goes.

BLUSHING BRUNCH: A new take on the classic mimosa. Now in a beautiful blush color!

The story of this week is I ate and drank too much, didn’t exercise enough and now, on Friday, oof am I feeling it. This weekend I’m going to reset a bit — enjoy more time outside, drink a lot more water, and have a few less cocktails (but okay, maybe a glass of rosé). It’s hard to believe how quickly April is flying by — mid month already! Next week, level 4 of French begins, which is the penultimate class before you just go into straight conversation classes. Kind of exciting! What’s been going on with you this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Image: Rue Magazine, October/November 2012. Photography, styling, and interior design by OreStudios; image via Rue’s Pinterest.