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Little Luxuries

Little Luxuries {All Under $30}


This past weekend temps hit the 80s here in New York. The feeling of warm air blowing around your bare legs (because I donned shorts for the first time in ages, naturally) was like remembering something wonderful that you had long forgotten — or maybe thought would never happen again (it was a very cold winter, after all). We even turned on our window AC units! The humidity, the breezes, and the sun put me in the mood for warm, beachy tones, so I’m not surprised that inspiration gathering online led to the round up of items in this post. Of particular note is the Christian Chaize book (Remember his prints from 20×200? The photographs were all taken in the same spot over the course of eight years!) as well as these beautiful ceramic bowls from West Elm (they’re only $5 a pop!). And speaking of shorts, J.Crew Factory is offering an extra 30% off all of theirs — and everything else –  right now with the code SALE30, so these coral ones (which are normally $40) clock in at under $28 until the sale ends Wednesday night!

Forget roses — for me, this week everything’s coming up peachy. Wishing you a warm, beautiful week ahead!



Little Luxuries {All $25 and Under!}


Kiiind of excited about all these little discoveries I made this week. First order of business: if we want to talk fantastic natural makeup lines, RMS Beauty (1) is a great place to start. (Based on feedback, sounds like a budget natural makeup brands post is in order too!) Isn’t this shade absolutely gorgeous? Punchy, zingy, bright — totally spring. I like it.

(2) Want to hear the most random story ever? My senior year of high school, we moved houses in between the fall and spring semester. How traumatic that was is another story, but I specifically remember making a trip to Target soon after the move with my mother to grab a few new things for the house (you know how you always need another extension cord, or new lightbulbs, or whatever, the minute you move into a new abode), and on a whim, she put this vase of faux flowers in our shopping basket. It ended up living in her bathroom (it’s probably still there), and I was always shocked by how real it looked. It would fake me out every time. Long story short, I kind of think faux flowers in discreet places are a good thing. They’re an easy way to brighten a spot that would otherwise never get any floral love. End story.

I think this spoon (3) is cute, and I have no legitimate use for it. I know you probably feel the same way. Ditto for hourglasses (4). I used to have a couple, like two apartments ago, and they both broke in the subsequent moves (saddest thing ever is opening a box of your stuff and finding green hourglass sand all over it). They’re the types of things I had around, and always forgot to turn over. But every time I see one in a store, I love it. Objects of a bygone era, for sure.

(5) You probably should check out this mini-sale J.Crew Factory is having. 40-50% off tees and shorts. I envy you people who can actually wear said tees and shorts…sans outerwear. Somebody please buy these shorts and wear them ASAP so I can live vicariously through you, k?

C’est tout. Happy Thursday! :)


1. RMS Lip Gloss, $25 | 2. Mixed Ranunculus, $12.99 | 3. ‘La Dolce Vita’ Spoon, $20 | 4. Large Hourglass, $24 | 4. Small Hourglass, $12 | 5. Dot Tee, $24.50 | 5. Stripe Square Tee, $23 | 5. Bar Stripe Tee, $20.50



Little Luxuries {all $25 and under}

little luxuries - fun things under $25

It’s been a while since I shared any little luxuries, so today, I’m rounding up a few of my favorites that I’ve recently spotted. I can’t say they’d be particularly practical, but how glam and fun would these gold playing cards be on a coffee table? (I was also thinking what a cool art piece they could make!) The Crew is having a big sale on winter items, which includes a few seasonless pieces like this passport cover (I’m dying to take a trip…more on that soon) and embellished baseball hats. Finally, my dry skin battle continues and I’ve been thinking I might have to break out the big guns — or brushes, as it were. I’ve had dry brushing done at spa treatments in the past, and even though I always felt a little like a horse being groomed, it does make your skin undeniably smooth and is supposedly really, really good for your lymphatic system. This cute little set is perfect!


1. Gold playing cards | 2. Houndstooth Hat | 3. Passport Case | 4. Bath Brush Set | 5. Cluster Stud Earrings | 6. Pink Sticky Notes