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In the Wind


Josh Works

This morning I was browsing around on nymag.com (daily obsession), and clicked on an article about ten new types of selfies. The article itself was kind of funny and a breezy scroll through, but one thing really caught my eye: this “drone selfie” taken by Josh Works. I thought it was beautiful and was kind of fascinated with it, so after watching no less than 3 times in a row, I clicked through to Josh’s website. What I found was really, really amazing.

Josh, his wife Jessa, and their son Jack have been traveling around the country in an Airstream since 2011. Their goal is to visit all 58 of our national parks (so far, they’ve seen 26). The travel project — and the name of their trusty Airstream — is called 1337Stream, and I’d say it’s a must follow. The family’s Instagram photos from all over America are truly spectacular, and beyond that, I think their manifesto is so inspiring. Here’s a bit that they’ve shared about why they’re doing this — it’s not just a fun family getaway (I highly recommend you read the whole thing here):  Read more »

Crushing On: Erin Martin Design



Remember when I mentioned visiting Redd Wood last month during our quick trip to Napa? It’s one of our favorites for a reason. One, the pizzas and pastas are really, really good. Two, I love how versatile it is — I’ve taken friends, family, and huge groups there. And three — and this is the thing that gets me every time — I love how the interior is decorated. You walk in and immediately think “Whoa. So cool!”.

The first time I was ever in the Redd Wood space, it was under renovation, as the adjoining hotel was going through some changes and a new chef was coming into the space to convert it into the now-pizzeria concept. I remember the next time I visited, how blown away I was by the design changes. It was a total night/day situation. And there’s one company to thank for that: Erin Martin Design. I must admit, I never knew who had designed the space until this last trip, when I saw an Instagram that Paloma published tagging Erin Martin, and I was finally able to put two and two together.

My two favorite features in the entire space? Well, minus the gorgeous black leather banquettes, the industrial lighting, and the subway tile…I adore the entire wall of tear sheets in the above photo (I took an Insta of it forever ago here). When you’re in the space, it’s so fun to look at all these magazine pages individually; together, they create some of the coolest wallpaper you’ve ever seen — a beautiful mess, for sure.


Second favorite feature: the incredible beverage/flatware station in the center of the main dining room. How awesome is that gold pendant, and the waterfall marble feature over the reclaimed draftsman cabinet? The first time I ever saw it, I was wowed, and it still gets me every time.


Here’s a shot of the bar area. I love how the design is both industrial, modern, organic, and still really sexy and inviting.


If you are in the area, you must pay Redd Wood a visit! Great food, great people, and incredible ambiance. Oh, and PS — Erin Martin Design has a showroom in St. Helena. It’s filled with all kinds of wonders — some zany, some sensible, all worth seeing. Here are a few more favorite images from Erin Martin projects:   Read more »

Paris, Je T’aime


In my current French class, our instructor has been showing us little bits of the film Paris, Je T’aime, which is actually made up of 18 short films all directed and acted by different (and very talented) people. We watch one, then discuss some of the idiomatic language and what’s grammatically correct and not. We watched these two in class, and I loved both so much I just had to tell you about them. I’ve spent some time on You Tube watching others, and while there are good ones (this one is sweet and this one is so funny), the one below in particular is my favorite. I’ve watched it so many times, and am just so humored and charmed by it. If you’ve ever traveled abroad — and especially to Paris — you will understand exactly the feeling she is referring to at the end.

Ooh, two quick notes — some of these just because of language (spoken and written in subtitles) may not be safe for work, so listen with headphones. Also, if you want to watch the whole thing, check Netflix streaming…it might be available on there. Enjoy!

Image by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese