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Currently Collecting: Ginger Jars

mark d sikes home by habitually chic

mark d sikes home tour by habitually chic

ginger jars - via lonny

williams sonoma ginger jars

Me, into collecting antiques. Who would’ve thunk it? I’ve mentioned here before how my grandmother and I have a really special bond and mutual love for finding and appreciating beautiful, meaningful objects in the home, but one thing I probably haven’t mentioned is that growing up, I was dragged to all sorts of auctions and antique stores, usually located in the middle of nowhere. I hated it, then. Now, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon!

This past holiday season, I mentioned to my grandmother that I had been on the hunt for an antique ginger jar for our living room. The overall palette in the room is very light and neutral; however, from the get go, I wanted to accent with soft blues to keep the room feeling traditional, yet warm and welcoming (I realize this is hard to envision sans pictures…we’re still working on getting a few pieces and artwork in place!). Whatever their current trendiness, I’ve been looking for an antique ginger jar for a few years, but have never been able to find the right combination of pattern, shape, size, and price that fit the bill.

“Oh, you should’ve told me sooner!” my grandmother said to me, “I used to have tons of those things and I practically gave them all away at garage sales.” Total face palm moment. But then, there was a silver lining: “I’ll look for one for you!” she told me. When my grandmother goes hunting for a particular antique, you can basically guarantee that she will find it.

Shortly after Christmas, a very beautiful, uniquely shaped ginger jar arrived on my doorstep. I really loved that she found me something from the 19th century, that had  a little patina and was the real deal. But then, last week she sent me an email and said to keep an eye out for something else. “I just had to do it,” she told me. Another (surprise) ginger jar to add to my collection! I’m totally unashamed to say that even at my age, she still knows how to spoil me (after all, what are grandmothers for?). With two ginger jars kicking off my collection, I fear she’s created a monster. There are so many pretty patterns, and it’s really interesting to dabble in their background (there are a few great articles explaining the history of the ginger jar here, here and here).

Are you as big a fan of ginger jars as I am? And is there anything you’re currently collecting?



Images: Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic; Ruthie Sommers’ home photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny, July/August 2011; Williams Sonoma Home

Crushing On: Ariane Bartosh

ariane bartosh-home tour - LR3

ariane bartosh - home tour - LR

Above Photos: Ariane Bartosh Home Tour, as featured on Houzz

I was browsing around on Houzz the other day when some curtains caught my eye. Yes, curtains. “Those look super Kelly Wearstler inspired,” I thought to myself. Me, personally? I tend to like living with more neutral palettes, but I’ve always admired La Wearstler’s super bold, modern, playful approach to design, and was curious to see the home of what appeared to be someone who was also inspired by her. Much to my surprise (and delight), I was introduced to Ariane Bartosh, an interior designer and artist living in LA who actually worked for Kelly Wearstler (as well as Estee Stanley), and from all appearances, played a role in some of the company’s most well-known and worshiped projects.

Ariane’s own home is a 1200 square foot 1 bedroom apartment in Silver Lake, which was a boring blank canvas before she got her hands on it:

ariane bartosh-home tour - LR2

arianne bartosh - home tour - kitchen

ariane bartosh - home tour - dining room

Above Photos: Ariane Bartosh Home Tour, as featured on Houzz


She found many of the apartment’s vintage pieces on eBay, and since she studied painting in college, was able to add a lot of the hand painted details (like the kitchen color, a giant portrait above her bed, and the magenta design to her living room curtains) on her own.

Curious, I popped over to Ariane’s web site, and loved perusing some of the projects she worked on with Kelly Wearstler and Estee Stanley. You can definitely see her touches!  Read more »

Apartment Progress: Our Entryway

entryway styling

lulu and georgia fairmont console

entryway table styling ideas

I figured it was high time for a little apartment decorating update. We’re slowly but surely making progress on furnishing things! For the most part, we have all the big pieces (still hemming and hawing over one last big ticket item), and now we’re working on adding in all the little touches — art, pillows, blankets, baskets, throws, decor. You know. The fun stuff!

By FAR one of the items I was most excited to get was our Fairmont console table, courtesy of Lulu & Georgia. Our previous entryway console table was a leftover from college, and didn’t match anything in our apartment — we literally only kept it because we had gotten it for pennies circa 2006. Definitely not an item worth shipping across the country.

One thing I hated about our last console table was that it didn’t have a second shelf. I know that that seems minor, but our entryway is ground zero for lots and lots of junk (more on that in a second). I realized that having a second shelf would allow us to feature extra storage baskets, while keeping the whole thing looking neat and put together. However, we also needed something that had some depth to it, so that all the baskets and objects I might want to display would fit. The minute I saw the Fairmont on L&G’s website, I was in love. So much so that even when it was backordered for two months, I didn’t care…I couldn’t find anything else out there that I liked as much! Believe it or not, it’s next to impossible to find dual shelf consoles made from wood and metal that aren’t 10″ deep or less. It was well worth the wait; I love that the wood has a distressed, warm feel to it, and really love the black iron — it matches the stairwell railings in our apartment, so it’s perfect.

Below are more photos of how I’ve styled it (for now), AND a very special Lulu & Georgia discount code, just for vmac+cheese readers!:  Read more »