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Change in seasons

Apologies for the light posting over the last two weeks.  They’ve been weird ones.

I’m not really in a position to say much else than I find myself in a very transitional phase right now.  We’ve all gone through those periods where we were happy, but still uncomfortably aware of the uncertainty in our lives (that, in reality, was with us all along). My mind has been more preoccupied with figuring some things out than it has been with interesting food tidbits and writing short stories — though, to be sure, I’m as addicted as ever to the food blogs and have been eating quite well at home. Worry not…I’ll never lose my interest in good eats.

I spent this last weekend in the company of good friends, as a large group of college companions made their way up to the Bay Area for the annual “Weekender,” in which our alma mater plays either Stanford or Berkeley.  It was nice spending time with good people, and reminding myself that at this age, at this moment in our lives — mid-20somethings nearly 3 years out of school — that uncertainty is more than okay: it’s completely expected.  I have a terrible habit of worrying, and an even worse habit of trying to have all the answers, all the time.  It’s nice to be grounded by other people and remember that I’m doing okay.

That, and soup always helps.  Here are two more fantabulous soup recipes I created in the last week.  Can you tell I’ve been needing warm, soul-soothing comfort food? Read more »