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I’m Loving…

I’m Loving…

i'm loving

Happy Thursday! I got home from Texas last night and though it’s been a fun few days, the rest of the week will be jam packed with trying to get back into the groove and meeting a couple deadlines. No better time to put together a quick post on a few random things I’ve bookmarked and been wanting to share…

BaubleBar and Nordstrom are doing an amazing collaboration together — have you seen this yet? It’s all the glitz and glam you’ve come to expect from BaubleBar, with lots of bright, happy colors that are perfect for spring (and of course, great prices). The earrings in this collection are especially lovely…now more than ever, I’m wishing I had pierced ears.

Twenty Five Bedford is a new-to-me start-up that offers a beautiful collection of simple, chic, and mix-and-matchable workwear pieces. I’m in love with the colors they’ve used in their first collection! While the prices aren’t dirt cheap, they’re definitely no more than a lot of other retail brands, and I love how compatible all the items are together. Plus, as they say, you spend 80% of your day in these clothes…might as well look great! I wanted to be sure and share this for all you gals who are on the lookout for good workwear. Were I working in a traditional office, I’d totally top off my Twenty Five Bedford look with this little Zara bag. The woven tote is perfect for warmer weather!

Next: in my last French class, I got introduced to Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae. His most recent album, Racine Carrée, has been on repeat around here. The mix of music is super diverse — dance beats, pop, afro-latin infused sounds — but whether you speak French or not, I think you’ll like it. Bonus points if you figure out which song is a critique of social media. Here’s a link to the album on Spotify (I hope I did that right — power users, correct me if not!).

Finally, two purely pretty things. I saw this Giorgio Armani liquid blush in a magazine and was super intrigued. Natural product? Oh, definitely not. But the packaging is really beautiful and fun, and I love the warm tones the blush comes in. It’s a beauty product that really is a total luxury. And, I bookmarked these sandals from Club Monaco. I love the mix of slate gray and minty green. They’ll put a spring in your step for sure!


BaubleBar x Nordstrom Collaboration | 25 Bedford | Zara Woven Tote | Racine Carrée | Armani Maestro Blush | Club Monaco Sandals


I’m Loving…

I'm Loving

This post is the result of having way too much fun (read: margaritas) at Hitha’s place on Saturday night. When you make margs, play games, have dance parties, and also watch random home movies until well past midnight on Saturday, as a general rule of thumb, your Sunday is spent on the couch in pajamas, watching House of Cards and surfing the Internet while you re-hydrate and give your body a break. Feel me?

Nevertheless, I had so much fun discovering all these little items. The weather in New York over the weekend felt practically like summer — or maybe that’s just what 55 degrees feels like when you’ve gotten used to 20. Because of it, I had a definite kick in my step and found myself drawn to items that reminded me of the sea and warm, breezy vacations. This bikini and this blue floral one from Anthropologie particularly caught my eye, as did these lovely sandals (I really love the dusty tone in them, especially with the bright gold accent!). Last week I popped into Gracious Home, a local home, hardware, and decor shop here on the Upper East Side, and spent some time admiring their gorgeous dinnerware and table linens. I was browsing their site yesterday to price check a few, and instead happened upon these gorgeous hand-painted plates from Oscar de la Renta. Aren’t they stunning? Lastly, I’ve been taking stock of my loungewear and pajama situation at home, and it’s somewhat dire. Thing is, I hate sleeping in pants of any kind (too hot…and how can anyone stand how they get all twisted as you move around?), so this little sleep set may be just the ticket. Isn’t it adorable? I’ve heard such great things about Eberjey, too!

Did you do anything fun this weekend? And did you celebrate National Margarita Day?



bracelet pajamas ODLR dishes sandals bikini

5 Things I Obsessed Over While on Break


club monaco sweater juicer unroll me vmac+cheese Pinterest Scandal

What happens if you take a week and a half off from work, don’t go travel anywhere, celebrate Christmas, and still have the Internet at your disposal? You end up obsessed with all the things I’ve listed here. Over the last week and a half or so, I’ve had so much fun doing absolutely nothing at home. I had time to do some online shopping, play with Christmas gifts, and watch waaaay too much TV. It was glorious! And some of the things I wasted spent time on were so glorious, I wanted to share them here. Check it:

(1) I’m glad I didn’t go too nuts during Black Friday, because I feel like the post-holiday sales right now are even better. I picked up one of these two-tone sweaters at Club Monaco and my first ever fur vest, plus these loafers at Barney’s for 65% off (they come in other colors too!). J. Crew is still offering an extra 40% off sale items, and J. Crew Factory is offering an extra 40% off clearance, too. Get while the getting’s good!

(2) Joe surprised me with a juicer for Christmas, and we’ve been juicing maniacs. I’ve been experimenting with lots of different fruit and veg combos; the good news is, we haven’t had to throw out any produce since opening this thing — they really are the best “dispose-alls”! I’m going to share a juice recipe soon, so stay tuned. As for how I like our particular juicer, I really, really love it. It does a great job, the juice stays cold, and clean up is simple (especially if you get these bags to go with the machine). I also like that the entire thing breaks down into smaller pieces, which helps if you’re strapped for storage like we are.

(3) Alex mentioned Unroll.Me on Facebook the other day, and I seriously don’t know how I lived without this service before now. Basically, you sync it to your email, and it allows you to auto-remove yourself from email subscriptions, and bundle up all the ones you actually still want to receive. Instead of receiving 34,789 subscription emails a day, you get one “Roll Up” per day, at a time you choose, which condenses all your subscriptions into easy-to-view tiles. Click on the ones you want to read, or ignore/delete the entire Roll Up. It makes your Inbox so much cleaner!

(4) I spent waaaay too much time on Pinterest, re-organizing some boards and creating new ones. In addition to an entire board devoted to Champagne, I now also have ones featuring things that are gold and sparkly, monograms, weekend mornings and ballet. Like I said, this is what happens if you’re chillin’ in front of the TV with a good WiFi connection. Check ‘em all out here! (Sidenote: via a few pins, I discovered this amazing lettering Tumblr. Aaand this is why I love Pinterest)

(5) Wow, you guys weren’t kidding about Scandal. We fixed a glitch with our Netflix and Amazon streaming (we hadn’t had streaming TV of any kind since we moved here!) and proceeded to binge watch a lot of Scandal. And by a lot, I mean all 3 seasons. Yes, we are completely caught up. If you’re not already on it, I suggest you hop on the bandwagon. This is some addictive TV! Sometimes hokey and completely implausible, yes…but good nonetheless!

Did you become obsessed with anything over the holiday break?



Image Credits: Green Juice, Jamie Chung for Bon Appetit; Kerry Washington, Horst Diekgerdes for Elle