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Friday Link Love


rue magazine october november 2012

PSA PASSWORD ALERT: So not a fun link, but a necessary one. You might want to change your password on these sites.

CLASSY CUBICLE: Mackenzie linked to this blog the other day, and it’s a fantastic source for workwear outfit inspiration!

HONEY, I’M MOVING TO MARS: I heard about this essay written by a Texas gent who’s wife has signed up to go to Mars. No, really. I found the essay and the discussion it started really interesting.

JENNA’S OLD TOWNHOUSE, REBORN: Remember Jenna Lyons’ famed Brooklyn townhouse, as featured in Domino (who doesn’t, right?)? Well, the new owners have made some updates. She’s still a beaut. Although, her original closet will never be topped.

GET IN MY BELLY: I have a deep, undying love for chilaquiles, and this recipe looks like it would be no exception. Pin this one for a Cinco de Mayo breakfast party next month (because yes, such a thing should totally exist).

REQUISITE SALE ALERTS: Anthro is having a sale on their beautiful dinnerware (great if you need to stock up on any entertaining pieces before summer). Club Monaco is offering an extra 50% off clearance items with the code SPRING50 (somebody buy this coat — it’s only $120!!). And of course, J.Crew is also offering an extra 50% off sale items with the code FRESHSALE (I’m eyeing these beautiful woven loafers).

WORDPRESS TIPS FOR ALL: Lisa is launching an amazing book all about WordPress — Make WP Work. We’re going to eventually offer it through The B Bar as well, but if you hop to it now, she’s offering a special discount code! I’ve seen the whole thing and trust — if you use WordPress as a blogger or business person, this book is ridiculously helpful.

SALAD WEATHER: Here’s something fresh and light for your weekend: a salmon salad with cilantro and lime.

SILICON VALLEY: Are you watching this new HBO show? We laughed out loud all the way through the first episode! I’m eager to see where the series goes.

BLUSHING BRUNCH: A new take on the classic mimosa. Now in a beautiful blush color!

The story of this week is I ate and drank too much, didn’t exercise enough and now, on Friday, oof am I feeling it. This weekend I’m going to reset a bit — enjoy more time outside, drink a lot more water, and have a few less cocktails (but okay, maybe a glass of rosé). It’s hard to believe how quickly April is flying by — mid month already! Next week, level 4 of French begins, which is the penultimate class before you just go into straight conversation classes. Kind of exciting! What’s been going on with you this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Image: Rue Magazine, October/November 2012. Photography, styling, and interior design by OreStudios; image via Rue’s Pinterest.


Portland, OR home featured in NYT

SMILE!: Amazon.com has launched Amazon Smile. The premise is simple. Be sure that when you’re shopping from Amazon that the URL starts with smile.amazon.com, and .5% of your eligible purchases are donated to an approved charity of your choosing. I love this! The charity I picked? Code.org, which is promoting computer science education in grades K-12.

BRIDESMAID BAH HUMBUG: An interesting, very honest essay on banning bridesmaids. What’s your take?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: So, I have to admit, I read a lot of TV recaps and analysis around here, so I kiiiind of suspected that the ending would be what the ending was. Did you watch the finale? Were you surprised slash disappointed with how the show closed out?

GET ME A LATTE: No, but really, I want to know who this essay is about. Don’t we all?

COTTONTAIL CANDY: How adorable are these little “bunny tail” donut confections? Perfect for any Easter/spring celebrations!

MMM…PESTO: Hello, yum. Herbed Dijon Potato Salad with Arugula Pistachio Pesto. I want this.

TOTALLY FOLLOWING: VSCO’s “journal” (aka blog). The most perfect place for photography inspiration. Let it speak to you!

SIMPLE SPRING CLEANING TIP: I’ve been slowly transitioning warm weather duds out of storage and packing away items worn during this sub-zero winter. I loved this tip from Clementine Daily on keeping drawers odor free. Easy.

OOH LA LA: I am in the market for some new bras. I am correspondingly intrigued by this company and their sizing app. The things the kids are coming up with these days!

FIVE BOOKS: to inspire your business and your life. I’ve read a bunch of these and can totally vouch for them. Hey, you should buy these through Amazon Smile!

It’s one of those weeks that because I was traveling, yesterday felt like Monday so today feels like Tuesday, but very, very conveniently (or perhaps not), it’s Friday. It would all be well and good, but this gal has some deadlines to meet, so all that work has been crunched into a few short days. I’ve been up for the challenge though — nothing like tight timelines to light a fire under your butt, right?

Texas was good. It’s always so strange to be back in my original hometown, when I visit more rarely these days than I care to admit and the city changes more every time I visit. It was a quick trip, but still nice to spend some time with family and friends, and we even managed to fit in a country drive to look at bluebonnets.

I mentioned it on Tuesday, but this weekend, we’re hoping to do some work outside on our terrace — temps are finally warming up, and with any luck, we’ll be able to snag some plants at the local nursery and get some new herbs and flowers in for the spring and summer! It’s kind of sad how excited I get to plant stuff on our little patio. Especially considering how much I detested yard work as a kid. But, as the fam very duly noted this past week when I happily watched Antiques Roadshow with them, it’s inevitable that the things you hate as a child end up being your loves later in life. It’s just how the universe works, no?

Hope you have a fab weekend!

Image: Lincoln Barbour for the New York Times, originally in this article; found via lark & linen


grapefruit mimosa

THE WHOLE COVER CONTROVERSY: New York mag asks why people are so upset about the whole Vogue cover thing. Did you have an opinion about that kerfuffle this week?

ALL THIRTY-EIGHT: 38 restaurants that are essential to try in NYC. I’ve hit up exactly one…we’ve got a long way to go!

A GENIUS BEDSPREAD: Hate stuffing your comforter into your duvet? The wonderful folks behind Crane & Canopy have come up with a genius solution (watch the vid to see what I mean).

SPRING CLEAN YOUR DECOR: I loved Gab’s (beautifully designed) ways to spring clean by changing your decor. I’ve already replaced glassware and it makes me excited for summer fêtes, for sure!

BAD DOG!: I laughed out loud at sooo many of these. I need to make one for Lucy and post it here some day!

COMING UP ROSES: A beautiful, make-it-yourself rose scented body scrub. Heaven!

HELLO, SALES: Today’s the last day to get 25% off your purchase at J. Crew with the code HEYSPRING. I also noticed Nordstrom’s offering discounts of 30% or more off select accessories, spring items, and winter duds (it’s kind of a good, motley assortment).

FREE FONTS: And all of them are so cute!

ELEVEN THINGS: all women are supposed to have in their wardrobe slash style arsenal by the time they’re 30. The good news? This gives me an excuse to do some serious shopping before August.

BEHIND THE BIZ: She’s been a blog friend for, like, ever, so I loved reading more about behind the scenes at Alexandra Kaehler Design. Great interview, Meg!

Good GOD this week. This MONTH. Kiddos, I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to April! This weekend, we’ll be in Texas for a friend’s wedding (congrats, Rach + Ben!), and then I’m going to stick around for a few days after to see the fam. At first I was all “Ohhhh mannnn!” when I realized the weather here in NY would be warming up over the weekend and early next week…and then Joe reminded me that it’s in the low 80s in Austin. Insert sunglasses emoji here. As well as a razor and shaving cream emoji, because hot damn, I need to shave my legs.

The wedding we’re going to is black tie invited, and I’m kiiind of excited for the dress I picked out. It’s floor length and I may or may not have worn it around the house a few times and twirled in it. When’s the last time you had a chance to dress up — like, really dress up — for a party? Besides my wedding, the last time I was in a dress as nice as this one was probably…prom.

I’m going to admit this right here and now — I already snapped my April picture for next week’s Month Ahead feature. Shhh! But that Central Park, she’s coming along nicely. Until Monday, friends!

Happy Weekend!

Image: Grapefruit Mimosas via Confections of a Foodie Bride, found on Pinterest