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The White Plate Rule: A New Approach to Getting Dressed

the white plate rule

This is an essay about a very small way I’m trying to simplify my life. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to it.

I cleaned out my closet recently for the first time in a really, really long time. And when I say “cleaned out” I mean cleaned out. Those random sweaters I’ve been holding onto for years “just in case”? Gone. Blouses that still fit and are on trend, but that I can’t envision myself ever wearing again? Kaput. After paring down my closet, I not only had a sizable donation pile (getting people to come take your donations in NY is another matter), but my closet also had something it hadn’t seen in a very long while: space. I could literally push clothes around and take things out without getting into a wrestling match with the hangers. It felt luxurious.

But what I really wanted to talk about was what led to this purge. Read more »

Backpacking: 6 Splurges, 6 Saves

12 backpacks - budget and splurge options

Tignanello Baggu Everlane Asos Kokosina Jenny N Proenza Tory Burch Rag & Bone Stella McCartney Cambridge Phillip Lim

Remember when Clueless came out? (Obviously!) I was beyond obsessed. I could quote every line of the movie, and oh, how I wished my hair would brush out like Cher’s did. One item that became all the rage and was a must have in my 12 year old wardrobe? A baby backpack. I begged my mom for one, and I can’t remember how, but I finally got my hands on a little teal canvas number. It was a prized possession!

And then backpacks — at least, those beyond the variety needed for school — fell out of fashion. But just like other trends of the 90s (see: mules, Birkenstocks, et al) are suddenly back and hotter than ever. While I don’t necessarily see myself prancing around with a baby backpack again any time soon, a few backpacks have recently given me pause, because I’ve realized they’d be great “purses” to cart around with me when I’m in France. Based on past trips, I know that we like to wander, wander, and wander some more, and eventually a tote and even a crossbody bag get annoying on my shoulder. Perhaps a backpack is the solution!

Backpacks have come a long way since my little baby and my high school JanSport. How chic are some of these? There are so many cool details, materials, and colors being used now! As always, when you search for something like backpacks, you get a ton of affordable options, and some that are astronomically expensive. I’ve divided this round up into ones that are under $200 (the Saves) and over $200 (the Splurges). Which ones do you love? Have you guys tried out the backpack trend (again)?

Me? On a budget, I’m loving the colors this Baggu one comes in, and this handmade one from Kokosina. No budget? It’s a toss up between the Phillip Lim in black, or the Stella. Prettttty.


or, click any item in the graphic above!

Laser Cut: 8 Pieces to Love


I was browsing around in Anthropologie the other day and was stopped in my tracks by these gorgeous faux leather laser cut shorts. I’d be scared of snagging these somewhere, but nevertheless, they’re beautimous, no? I have a few laser cut things pinned up on my spring time inspiration board in my office, and while staring at them last week, realized I’m so drawn to this technique. I love the texture and dimension it provides objects, especially on objects that are otherwise simple. Laser cutting lends that little bit of edge — like these gold flats, for example. Cute on their own, next level with cut outs.

What do you think? Are you a fan of this technique? Do you own anything with laser cut on it?


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