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Up Close and Personal

Long Weekend Recap

robert sinskey vineyards

Wow, what a weekend! And for a minute there, it looked like it wasn’t even going to happen. But all’s well that end’s well, and we ended up having a great time in California. On Instagram, I alluded to the fact that Friday was a pretty crazy day — definitely a Valentine’s Day we won’t soon forget. Basically, despite clear skies and warmer temps on Friday morning, our flight was cancelled in the middle of the night. After hours on the phone hold with United and taking a gamble and going to JFK very early in the morning, we lucked into a flight to Phoenix and a connecting flight to SF. The flights were out of another airport (and if you want to get really technical, another state) and on another airline, but we took it! I’m so, so, so, SO glad we got to the airport when we did. The woman who was two places behind us in line was told the earliest she could get to California was Monday, maybe Tuesday. This will shock no one who lives on the east coast, but air travel be crazy when winter sucks. Definitely our first time experiencing the madness!

When we finally made it out to Newark, this is what we saw on the tarmac:

airport snow


To give you a frame of reference, in the first photo the snow is probably double the height of the truck; in the second, you can see where the plow was at work on the edge, and the plow is probably a little shorter than I am. So….  Read more »

Closing Time

year in review part 1

I can’t believe it’s actually here — the last day of 2013. Not to be overly negative as we head into the new year, but OH MY GOD GOOD RIDDANCE. This year will go down as one of the hardest of my adult life, that’s for damn sure. But, now that we’re through the fog and the proverbial skies are clearing, it’s also amazing to look back on everything that’s happened and how much stronger it’s made me. My marriage, my work, my friendships, and my sanity were all certainly tested over the last twelve months, but right now, it feels like everything is starting to come up roses! I hope to take a lot of that positive energy into the new year. 2014 already has a lot going for it: trips to see friends and family, long overdue vacations, and finally finishing our house decorating. Plus, I’ll turn 30 this year! In the same way that I’m excited to end 2013, I feel similarly about my 20s. Here’s to getting older and knowing what works for you!

So, 2013 is definitely a year that can be divided into B.N.Y. and A.N.Y. — Before New York and After New York. Above is the before…below is the after (plus captions to various memories from the year!) Read more »

Hello, December

life updates

Louis C.K. has some joke that goes approximately like, “Thanksgiving doesn’t end when you’re full. Thanksgiving ends when you completely hate yourself.” Safe to say that was me at various points this weekend: so utterly sated, bloated, and stuffed that I really, really hated myself. By last night, after 4 days of drinking and eating crazy (delicious) amounts of dairy, I was done. So today I’m taking it easy (and taking the easy way out) by sharing some snaps of life lately, while I settle back into the office over here. Enjoy!

PS, on Friday I shared some of my favorite holiday deals and steals, and many (if not most) are still live for Cyber Monday today — lots have even deeper discounts too! Check it out. I’ve updated some of the codes since so many of them change on Cyber Monday. Happy shopping!

All photos from my Instagram. Follow along here!