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Long Week/End

paper peony DIY

BAUBLE SALE: What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with some new baubles? Bauble Bar is offering a special 30% discount code in honor of the long weekend — just use the code MEMORIALDAY on full priced items! I’ve been eyeing this Tassel Lariat necklace

HATERS GONNA HATE: You guys saw the latest installment of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, right? Here’s a follow up on how said mean tweeters reacted once they realized their tweets had been made famous.

THE FUTURE OF BLOGGING: A great read if you blog, or like to read them.

MARRIAGE TRUTHS: Meg and I have both been in seriously long term relationships, and I found her 9 things she’s learned after 9 years of marriage to be spot on.

IT MIGHT SOUND CRAZY BUT IT AIN’T NO LIE: That time Nikki from Cupcakes for Breakfast met Joey Fatone from NSYNC.

KERN, BABY, KERN: Type nerds unite! Tristan shared this hilarious kerning game. Well, there went 45 minutes of my life (and worth every second).

AT THE DRIVE IN: I always think of Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer. Harper’s Bazaar put together a list of the top 10 best summer films. Is your favorite on there?

COCKTAIL TIME: A blackberry, Meyer lemon and gin cocktail. Hello, perfect barbecue libation.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Alex recently completed this stunning, bold home design, and I was smitten!

TRUE AND YET I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT: An article about how the effects of vacation really don’t last that long. Depressing. Live it up while you can this weekend!

DON’T MISS HAPPY HOUR: This week, Meg and I hosted The B Bar’s first ever Twitter chat! The topic was blog to biz. Thanks to everyone who joined in!! If you missed out, you can still see the best tweets from the chat by signing up to receive The B Bar’s newsletter (but hurry, we’re going to send out that newsletter soon!). And, in tandem with the chat, Meg and I each shared our own blog to biz stories on The Well. Check it out!

Woohoo! Three day weekend! I really can’t believe that it’s Memorial Day of TWENTY FOURTEEN. I’m so excited to be hosting our friends this weekend (they arrive later today!). Now if only the weather will cooperate (fingers crossed). Let’s see, what else happened this week? We ordered some custom canvas prints from art.com and those arrived. They’re all portraits of Lucy that Yvonne took. Bizarre? Maybe, but we kind of love them and think they’re hilarious. I’m going to write a little bit about how we created these soon, so if you want to order your own custom canvases from art.com, you’ll have the deets!

What’s everyone up to over the weekend? Hitting the beach? Road tripping? Doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every second of it? I’d love to hear about what you’re up to! Just as a heads up, I’ll be taking Monday off from blogging to enjoy the holiday and hang out with our friends. Jury’s still out on Tuesday, but I’ll try to cobble something together. :) Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day!!


Here’s what happened last Week/End

And the Week/End before that.


Image: Ez Pudewa for Creature Comforts via Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Check out her cool DIY fabric peony tutorial here!


Nude Art + Pillows

gretchen kelly art on greatly

Because the two are obvious pairings for a post, don’t you think? No, but really, I recently discovered two cool artists that I wanted to share with you today (and a little bit about how I discovered them too!).

The first is artist Gretchen Kelly. She’s an amazing watercolorist based out of Hudson, NY, who’s creates soft, haunting landscapes as well as really fun, energized nude sketches. It’s funny, when I was growing up, my grandmother had several nude paintings and drawings around her house, and I would giggle at them or not take them very seriously (typical). Now I really love them! Especially ones with lots of movement like Gretchen’s, where the subjects are in natural (or sometimes cheeky) poses. Don’t you love her little dashes of color in these nudes, too? They feel so modern, yet feminine!

ellie bradley pillows on greatly

The other discovery is designer Ellie Bradley, who is based in Sydney, Australia and makes cool art prints and pillows. I’m especially taken with her textiles — these pillows are simple, yet graphic, and would make such a statement on a seating piece or even as an accent on a bed. Which design do you like the best?

I discovered both of these gals through this new site called Great.ly. It’s a platform that allows artisans like Gretchen and Ellie to sell their stuff online, BUT the kicker (and the difference between Great.ly and Etsy) is that anyone can apply to be a “tastemaker” on the site and launch their own boutique, featuring the makers that they like and whose aesthetic they really dig (here’s a bit more about how the site works). The site officially launches today, and I put together my own boutique with a bunch of products — from makers all over the world — that really spoke to me! I love discovering small producers and supporting their businesses, and I know you guys do too. New products are being added to Great.ly regularly, but right now, I think it’s a good source for things like entertaining and serveware, art, and randomly enough, scarves and pouches. There are tons of affordable pieces too (I’m considering getting this pretty magnolia still life print — it’s only $35! Don’t you think it would look good in a big frame with a large, white mat?). Check out Great.ly and let me know what you think!


1. Original “One Minute Post XCIX.8,” $150 | 2. Original “One Minute Pose LXIII5,” $150 | 3. Original “Nude #1234,” $150 | 4. Original “Nude #447,” $200 | 5. Original “Nude #948,” $150 | 6. Block Cushion in Pink, $83 | 7. Eclipse Cushion Cover, $88 | 8. Abstract One Cushion, $88 | 9. Block Cushion in Blue, $83


Images via Ellie Bradley and Gretchen Kelly on Great.ly. A quick note: while this is not a sponsored post, note that Great.ly does have a revenue earning system in place for both makers and tastemakers on the site, so if you do end up making a purchase through Great.ly, either another tastemaker or I will earn retail markup on the products purchased. Hopefully that “finder’s fee” is worth it if you discover something unique that you really, truly love! Happy browsing.

PS – In totally unrelated news, The B Bar is hosting its first ever Twitter chat tonight! The topic is blog to biz; you can get details on the chat here, and read Meg’s and my own blog to biz story here and here. Hope to see you on Twitter later this evening!

I Want to Go to There: Cheval Blanc Randheli

It’s Wednesday – no better day for a visual vacation. And as much as I’m excited about our European travels next month, boy, does an escape to the beach sound super tempting. I saw this jaw dropping resort on Alison’s blog the other day, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head (she finds really cool stuff!). Let’s take a trip there together, shall we? I hope you have your passport ready!  Read more »