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At Home with Hunters Alley

mid century brass candlesticks from hunters alley

mid century modern brass bowl - from hunters alley

greek key tea cup and bowl from hunters alley

Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about Hunters Alley? As promised, I wanted to follow up and share how I’ve styled a few found treasures in my own apartment. Hunters Alley was kind enough to connect me to a number of fantastic shop owners, all who were stocking lots of brass gorgeousness, and each was generous enough to send a few goodies my way. Here’s where each item found a home: Read more »

Paris, Je T’aime


In my current French class, our instructor has been showing us little bits of the film Paris, Je T’aime, which is actually made up of 18 short films all directed and acted by different (and very talented) people. We watch one, then discuss some of the idiomatic language and what’s grammatically correct and not. We watched these two in class, and I loved both so much I just had to tell you about them. I’ve spent some time on You Tube watching others, and while there are good ones (this one is sweet and this one is so funny), the one below in particular is my favorite. I’ve watched it so many times, and am just so humored and charmed by it. If you’ve ever traveled abroad — and especially to Paris — you will understand exactly the feeling she is referring to at the end.

Ooh, two quick notes — some of these just because of language (spoken and written in subtitles) may not be safe for work, so listen with headphones. Also, if you want to watch the whole thing, check Netflix streaming…it might be available on there. Enjoy!

Image by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese

Recipe: Turkey Meatball and Vegetable Soup with Pesto

Turkey Meatball Soup with Veggies and Pesto

Soups really are the super hero of anyone’s kitchen. They’re fast, simple, and with the right ingredients, can be packed with nutrition. They last for days (hello, easy lunch time ideas!) and also allow you to clean out your fridge of any items that are on their last leg. In fact, sometimes that’s how the best soups come to life. A little of this, a little of that, and you end up with something that’s deeply satisfying.

Case in point: this soup, with turkey meatballs and lots of green vegetables. A random, motley mix, with an end result that is surprisingly delicious. I almost named this soup ‘Pesto Caldo Verde’, just because it’s so verdantly green — you know it’s got to be pretty good for you. You can switch up this recipe by using whatever type of meat you want for the meatballs, and adding in whatever other vegetables you have on hand — potatoes, celery, cabbage, peas, really anything. Full confession: when I took the photos, I hadn’t added in the pesto yet. We had a little bit left in the fridge, so at the last minute, I stirred it in, and it’s what made the soup extra special (and even greener). Give it a try! Here’s how I made it: Read more »