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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Nordstrom’s big anniversary sale starts today! It’s not for summer markdowns either — there are great deals to be had on new duds for fall (like this coat, this jacket, and classic boots), or you can stock up on basics too (I’m thinking new jeans and undies). Shop to it.

HYDRANGEA HALLELUJAH: Ever gotten a bunch of hydrangeas home only to have them wilt on you a day later? Erin shares how to prevent it from happening. I can’t wait to try these tips!

A FONT OF THE FUTURE: Yes, there is such a thing, and Google is designing it. Type nerds will love this behind the scenes look at the Roboto font.

BLOGGER REALNESS: I loved this little Q&A recap Hallie wrote for her blog on the heels of speaking at a conference about — what else? — blogging. So. much. truth. A great read for anyone who blogs, or likes to read them.

LIFE WITH PIPER: Joe and I binge watched both seasons of Orange is the New Black in the last week. Definitely obsessed. If you’re a fan of the series, you should absolutely check out this long piece by the real Larry, about what it’s like seeing real life events play out on the small screen.

EVERLANE DOES IT AGAIN: I got an email about a new collab Everlane is doing with Langley Fox, and I’m so into these tank tops. Super basic, but not boring. Let’s stock up!

MASK IT: I wrote a little tutorial on clipping masks over on The B Bar’s blog. Check this out if you’re interested in a fun, simple Photoshop tutorial! Meg also wrote an awesome post on amazing Instagram accounts you should be following, like right this second.

PUPPY 411: Thinking about getting a dog? Read this first. Joy’s tips and experiences during her first year of being a puppy mama are spot on — so many of these things were true for us too!

WRONG SIZE, LADY: How crazy is this : nearly half of women are probably wearing the wrong shoe size. Here’s the definitive guide to finding out your true size.

Oof, what a week. Lots going on at work – and thankfully, I finally managed to finish a big personal project that will debut around these parts towards the end of the summer. It’s been a labor of love, but I’m glad it’s mostly done! What is everyone up to this weekend? While Lucy’s birthday was this past Wednesday, on Saturday I’m hosting a little ‘Ladies Tea’ in her honor (anything to get the band together to drink rosé, amiright?). Other than dog birthday parties (!), I have a long distance Skype date planned, and fully intend on sleeping in as much as possible (there were wayyyy too many late nights this week). Hard to believe that there are only two weekends left in July. Forget my 30th birthday — I feel like fall is right around the corner!

Enjoy the weekend, friends! Hope it’s a good one, whatever you’re up to.

Image: Sézane

I Want to Go to There: Paws Up Montana






Here’s a very random thing that’s always surprised me as an adult: how rare it is to find people who both a) grew up going camping and b) enjoy it now. Me? Growing up, I was dragged on more camping trips than I care to admit. There were the trips to virtually every state park in Texas. There was the road trip camping adventure in southern Colorado, near the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. And of course, while not a classic camping experience, there was the time we spent a week at a dude ranch, riding horses in the mountains (I even rode in a rodeo…true story). As a kid, I absolutely hated going camping. Now? I think it’s really fun. Maybe I’ve just been in cities too long, but hanging out with your friends around a fire, staying up late, drinking a glass of wine or two, and telling stories all sans city noise is pretty great. But let’s be honest, this doesn’t need to be a week long experience or anything — a night or two is just fine for me (no multi-week camping trips ever again, mom).

It’s harder to plan a camping trip now, when no one has all the gear (nor the room to store it, even if they bought it), let alone convincing people to sleep in a tent. You need a buffer between camping and lounging around at a resort. Naturally, I was recently talking about the whole “glamping” trend with a friend and it led me to do some googling to see what “glamorous camping” opportunities there were around here. Instead, I ended up on the Paws Up resort website, which is about as far from here as you can get, in Montana (and side note: Real Housewives of New York fans will recognize it as the place those crazy broads went this season!). Whether you’re a first time camper or a seasoned wilderness backpacker, I think anyone could agree that this place looks incredible. Check out those tents! There’s working plumbing! Big, fluffy beds! A huge lodge at which to take all your meals! And the views — pretty gorg, right? I don’t care who you are, if your room was a giant tent with an oversized copper soaking tub in it, I’m pretty sure you could be convinced to glamp.

Given all my camping adventures as a kid (and my teenage disdain for them), it both does and doesn’t surprise me how I’ve turned into such a country mouse as an adult. Blame the dude ranch visit, I guess. But I seriously think this resort would be so fun to stay at. It’s all the wilderness you could ever want — but with gourmet meals, luxe spa treatments, and (yes!) city plumbing. Count me in! And if you need more convincing, check out these other photos of the resort…it’s pretty beautiful: Read more »

Your Daily Dose of Lucy

lucy says to respect your parents

lucy recommends you prcatice yoga

lucy says a true friend always shares

lucy recommends napping

lucy's birthday advice

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Bunny Love — the best furry friend, office mate, daughter, and squirrel hunter I could have ever asked for: Lucetta Fagiole, aka The Bean, aka Bug, aka Miss Lucy J, aka Lucy. Your nicknames have increased a hundredfold, just like our love and obsession with you (I mean, I’m writing posts as if you can read them). Happy Birthday, Lucy!