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DIY: The Business Card Scrapbook

diy business card scrapbook idea

business card scrapbook idea

I think I’ve mentioned it briefly before (like, a while ago), but I’ve had this little “art” project going for several years now. It’s always a great topic of conversation with friends who visit our apartment, and after telling some girlfriends about it earlier this week, I realized I should do a proper DIY share! Let’s be honest though — while I’m filing this one under DIY, if you have a glue stick or even tape, you can do this. Most of the time it takes to complete this project is spent dining out, and I don’t know anyone who would argue with THAT kind of crafting.

Several years ago, I was looking through a big collection of business cards I had stockpiled and pulled out all the ones that were keepsakes from various restaurants. I realized I liked looking at them — after all, I’d taken each one with me for a reason! — because they reminded me of good times, memorable meals, meaningful conversations, or a certain period of my life. I left them out on my desk for a while, then wanted a better way to preserve them.

diy business card scrapbook idea - fun, easy art work!

diy scrapbook artwork idea

So I made a quick trip to a local frame store, got an inexpensive black mat board and frame, then got to work with a glue stick. That’s pretty much the extent of this DIY (anyone can do it, seriously!). What started out as a basic craft project has become a treasured item in our home, even though it’s so simple. Joe and I will visit a restaurant or place a few times and literally discuss if it makes the board. Sometimes, I’ll uncover an old business card hidden away in a book or a drawer, and will want to add it. It’s so fun to remember meals and places you hadn’t thought about in a while — what every good scrapbook should do, in my opinion. I have a card from a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro circa 2005 that re-surfaces every few years during a cleaning spree — one of these days, I’ll find it and glue it in place!

Sooner or later, this frame will fill up and I’ll start another one. I love this way of preserving our memories and happy times! Beyond keeping track of restaurants and events and special moments, this could also be a good way to display actual business card design you really love. I’ve definitely come across some cool ones over the years.

scrapbook idea for business cards

My favorite cards currently on the board? While it’s very hard to pick a favorite, the top left one is from a restaurant that no longer exists in SF. I visited the city and wine country in the early 2000s for a long weekend, and my uncle took me to this little Italian joint. That first night in SF left the deepest impression on me, and I always knew I would eventually live there. I also love the huge business card from Bottega in Napa, which we’ve dined at a few times. But this card, specifically, was picked up the night Joe and I got engaged. Finally, I have a special place in my heart for the Foreign Cinema business card, because of the brunches I used to have there with some girlfriends in SF, and the time in my life it represents. That’s a good one.

Let me know if you give this little project a try! Do you have a restaurant, place, or memory you’d want to preserve on yours?

Images by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese

Recipe: The Roasted Everything Salad

the roasted everything salad

roasted fruit and vegetable salad

roasted chicken, broccoli, shallot and apply salad

There’s a constant battle that has happened in my household for years, one that at times has threatened to drive the thickest of wedges between us. It’s over salad. And yes, okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but I’m not being dramatic when I tell you that Joe and I have argued about salad many, many times. You see, sometimes he gets on these workout and paleo diet kicks. I do not like said paleo diet kicks. I like cheese and often gluten and the occasional bowl of ice cream. When Joe gets on a kick though, he sometimes wants to go cold turkey. And the easiest thing that he can eat is a big, green salad.

Unlike paleo diet kicks, I DO like salad. I just don’t usually like it for dinner, night after night. Which is where the wedge comes in. But recently, I’ve discovered the secret — the salad peace treaty, if you will — to making all salads delectable and completely, utterly satisfying. Just roast everything you put in it. It’s kind of obvious, now that I think about, since I’ve been roasting various elements of salads for years. But this past weekend, I made us a salad with ingredients that wouldn’t make a lot of sense together raw, but when they were all roasted, tasted delicious.

The great news about The Roasted Everything Salad is that it’s completely customizable to the season, and whatever you have on hand. In the summer, I think this would taste awesome with roasted apricots or peaches and some roasted pork tenderloin. In the fall, go for the butternut squash and Brussels sprouts. You can literally roast any meat, fruit or vegetable and throw it in. Veggies and fruits especially get so concentrated, caramelized, and savory when roasted, so even a paltry vegetable like cauliflower is taken to a whole ‘nother level with roasting. You can vary the flavors by adding different herbs during the roasting process, and of course, switch out vinegars to make the dressing taste different. It’s kind of great!

Sunday I made us a salad with roasted chicken thighs, roasted broccoli, roasted apples, roasted lemon, roasted almonds, and roasted shallots. The only thing that’s not roasted in a roasted salad is of course, the greens. Though, if you used a really hearty green like curly kale, I kind of think that would taste good too. Here’s what I did for my roasted salad: Read more »

Gimme Some Lip: 5 tips for lip care

5 tips to care for your lips

Keeping my lips hydrated and moisturized sometimes feels like a constant battle. For one thing, I’m often bad about remembering to put on lip balm anyway. I’m at my desk, working away for hours, and before I know it I’ve both forgotten to drink water or re-apply a balm (both sure-fire ways to end up with chapped lips). And for another thing — newsflash! — this winter has sucked. It’s been nothing but a one-way ticket to cracked lip town (gross).

Recently, the kind folks at Marie Veronique reached out and were generous enough to send me a few samples from Marie’s line of natural, non-toxic skincare (which is also based in Marin County!). I was especially intrigued by a pot of Marie’s Pacific Lip Treatment they sent, which comes in this little jar which after a few weeks I can already tell will last for months and months. I’ve kept it right next to my monitor as a reminder to reapply, and my lips have never been softer. Not only does the chic packaging catch my eye more often, but the ingredients are wonderful. Even more importantly, Marie sent along some really great tips for lip care, many of which are very handy to keep in mind the older we get. These nuggets of info were so good, I asked if I could share them here with you today!

Some quick background on Marie that I thought was really cool: Marie started Marie Veronique Organics over 10 years ago, and works with her daughter (who is a physicist and biomedical engineer) to choose ingredients in the products. Marie herself has degrees in math and chemistry, as well as an esthetics license from Paris Beauty College. Clearly, science and math result in beautiful, beautiful things. Here are Marie’s tips:

TIP#1: Lip skin needs a different treatment than other types of skin

It’s obvious when you stop and think about it, but lip skin is not the same as the skin on the rest of your face. “It’s thinner, and contains fewer melanocytes, which produce pigment,” says Marie, and more importantly, the lips have “no sebaceous glands to provide lubrication.” That means while the skin on the rest of your face churns out sebum as a natural lubricant, lips don’t have that same natural protection. “They become dry and chapped, especially in cold weather. Treatments that help retain moisture will keep your lips soft and supple.”

TIP #2: You can’t hide a thin upper lip

This one is a little complicated, so I’ll just let Marie explain:

“The skin of the lips contains 3 layers of skin — the stratum corneum, the epidermis, and the dermis, which contains collagen for plumpness. The stratum corneum is thinner on the lips than it is elsewhere. Unfortunately, as you age, the upper lip gets even thinner, flattens, and appears to fold over the teeth. Decreased collagen production is one of the main culprits behind the upper lip’s vanishing act.” To combat? “Look for lip treatments that boost collagen production and increase epidermal water content.” In other words, caring for your lips properly now can help you keep that stiff (and plump!) upper lip later in life.

TIP #3: You are what you eat  Read more »