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brunch in london - sezane instagram

73 QUESTIONS: with Sarah Jessica Parker. A fun little interview to watch!

LET’S DISCUSS TELEVISION: The Bachelor finale. Real Housewives of New York City. Did you guys watch these things? I must admit, I read a Bachelor spoiler site (oh god, did I really just write that?), but no spoilers in the world can predict a media firestorm slash PR meltdown. Thoughts on RHONY? Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be getting crazier? Indulge my affection (affliction?) for trashy reality TV here for a sec…

MISS LUCY JAY: Lucy wouldn’t shut up about me starting an Instagram account for her, so without further adieu…

MAXED OUT: Confession: I’ve been wearing maxi skirts and dresses around my apartment all winter. It’s like a (very wimpy) cold weather talisman, and let’s be honest — they basically feel like pajamas. Here’s to warmer temps so that one could actually wear a dress like this or this outside the abode.

SNOW DAY: So, okay, everyone is totally over cold and snow here, but I have to give credit where credit is due. This is a really beautiful photo essay of snowy New York City.

TOUGH COMPETITION: I really love this quote. And while I’m on the subject, this is one I need to work on too.

23 IKEA HACKS: Get out your power drill, y’all, and save some money for an ice cream cone.

MUST TRY LOBSTER: This week Joe and I randomly stopped into Luke’s Lobster on the UES for a lobster roll. Correction: the world’s BEST lobster roll. If you are in the area, you gotta try one!

THE LUCK OF THE IRISH: Get into the spirit of things this weekend by trying out any of these fun St. Patrick’s Day DIYs.

GOING SOMEWHERE?: Here’s how to bring the vacation spirit home with you.

It took a couple days to adjust to the time change, but in my opinion, it’s been so worth it. Having it still be light at 6:30pm is utterly glorious. How was your week? And anything fun planned for the weekend? Whatever’s on your agenda, I hope you have a great one!

Images via Sézane Instagram. If you don’t already follow the Sézane shop releases, you crazy.

Cocktail Recipe: The Whiskey Smash

recipe whiskey smash

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whiskey smash recipe

Joe first introduced me to the whiskey smash when we were living in San Francisco. We were out somewhere, he saw one on the menu, and told me we had to try it. I had never heard of it, but as it turns out, it’s a pretty classic and historic cocktail — I always give bartenders double points if they know it! What’s in it? It’s kind of like if a whiskey sour and a mint julep got married and had the most delicious, refreshing baby (wait, does that sound weird?). The cocktail consists of muddled lemon, simple syrup, and mint, topped with bourbon or whiskey, shaken, and then poured over copious amounts of crushed ice. And emphasis on the copious. I have found that this is the kind of drink that tastes better icy cold, and oddly enough, I really think that crushed ice enhances the flavor versus cubed (it just does!).

Think you don’t like whiskey based drinks? I’d say give it a try! I find that with the lemon and syrup, this drink is wonderfully refreshing and not smoky or heavy at all. It’s the perfect thing when the weather is warm. And, if you want to theme it to St. Patrick’s Day (which is this coming Monday!), you could try swapping out the bourbon for a smooth Irish whiskey. Go for it!

PS – If you live in San Francisco, serious research has proven that the bar at Spruce has the best whiskey smash in the city. I’m telling you, it’s all about the ice. Here’s how you make it:   Read more »

Real Life: 10 Months in New York

new york - photo by kevin dooley

Hard to believe that next week, it’ll be 10 months since we have been in New York! It has been a while since I checked in about what’s been going on here and how we’re doing, so I figured it was time for an update.

Overall? We’re doing okay. Some of the homesickness of the first half of the year here has abated, though it comes and goes. I think once you start getting used to a place, and the more it feels “normal”, the easier it is to forget or ignore what you might be longing for. And honestly, I think our trip back to the Bay Area in February really helped. It still felt like home, and in some weird way, it was like reassurance that maybe it would always feel that way. So it wasn’t as scary to embrace New York anymore for fear that I would lose that feeling of “home”, if that makes sense. Moving is emotionally confusing, y’all. Conclusion: just like everyone said, you really do have to give yourself at least a year to adjust.

One thing that has really, really helped make life continue to feel more “normal” here: keeping a full calendar. We try and schedule get togethers with other couples, I have continued going to French every single Wednesday, and I always have lunches and dinners happening with girlfriends. Not only has that community of people in my life been instrumental, but just going out is a huge factor too — you end up finding restaurants you really love and want to go back to, and that’s a big part of a place feeling familiar. We have friends visiting us from SF later in May, and when they told us they were coming, I realized I actually had places I wanted to take them and show them and was excited about! A sure sign that we’re settling.

Here’s something that may shock you: the winter has been brutal. Obviously, weather has a huge impact on quality of life, but since the temps have finally started rising, I’m able to reflect on just how MUCH of an impact. Walks are shorter. People want to go out less. You basically wear the same pair of snow boots and the same parka for weeks on end. And of course, everyone is in a brighter, sunnier mood these days. Snow was beautiful the first few times, but I am VERY much looking forward to spring.

That’s our basic check in. Doing better; still think that eventually, one day, we might move back (but we’re cool with hanging out here for a few years). As always  (I mean, it IS New York), I have some NY stories and observations. You just never know what you’ll see on the streets here:  Read more »