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Favorite Moments in Paris


Happy Monday! We’re back home, semi-recovered from jetlag, and back at it this week. Joe and I had a great time in France (as evidenced by the postcards I posted here and here); this was our third trip to Paris, so we felt like we got to know the city even more and had plenty of time to just wander and relax, without the pressure of seeing all the major tourist sites. It should come as no surprise that having a week and a half to let your mind rest and be inspired by Paris has left me with lots of things to tell you about, not least of which are a few more snapshots of some of my favorite moments. Today I’ll share these with you; next week I’ll post about our visit to the 13th and 14th arrondissements (which are a little off the beaten path); and in between, I have lots of cool recipes, stores and new discoveries to share too. I’m excited! Here’s a diary of some of my favorite moments (apologies in advance for the length. This took a lot of editing as it was!):  Read more »

Postcards from Paris II

on the seine
Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. We’re heading back home tomorrow, but I wanted to share a few more moments from our trip so far. I promise to post lots more details on where we ate, wandered, stayed, and shopped next week, too! But in the meantime, some postcards for your weekend…

rue de pre aux clercs
I thought this hotel on the Rue du Pré aux Clercs was so charming. Look at all that purple!

fountain de medicis
This is the beautiful Fontaine Médicis in the Jardin du Luxembourg. So peaceful.

Wandering around Plaisance, a neighborhood in the 14th arrondissement, in the southern part of Paris. The architecture is very different here, and it almost feels like you are in the country.

The stairwell view just outside our little apartment. We found a great place on AirBnB!

parc montsouris
The very surprising and beautifully lush Parc Montsouris, in the southernmost part of Paris, right on the périphérique. I’ll share lots more about our walk through the 13th and 14th arrondissements soon. It’s a totally different side of Paris, literally and figuratively!

It’s been a relaxing, cheese-filled trip, and part of me is a little sad to head home. But the other part of me misses Lucy, like, a lot. A snuggle with her is worth all the cheese in Paris.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Postcards from Paris

paris afternoon
Hello, from France! Checking in real quick to send you a few little postcards from Paris – we’ll call this one the buildings edition. I fell in love with the red flowers on this building above, in the 3rd. It’s located next to a high school…was your high school’s environs so pretty?

rue de rivoli
On the Rue de Rivoli.

bw flat iron in paris
Wandering around St. Germain. This reminded me of a small scale, old school flatiron building.

st germain
Waiting to eat at Le Comptoir. This is just across the street.

le bon marche
Inside Le Bon Marché.

louvre at night
Sunset at The Louvre. Caught a bunch of beautiful dusk shots last night as we walked home from dinner. It was magical!

I lugged my camera and two lenses all the way to France only to realize I’d left the memory card in my computer at home. Classic! But I have to say, it’s pretty amazing what you can do on an iPhone and iPad nowadays.

We’re still here for a few more days. The adventure continues…and I’ll have lots more stories to share once I’m back. Don’t forget you can check in on our Parisian wanderings over on Instagram too!